On Surrogates: My Rationale Explained

Parenthood Tips for Intended Parents

Parents-in-the-making have plenty to think with each and every pregnancy. Adding the complicated medical, legal, social and financial feats of surrogacy, it can be natural for intended parents to be so absorbed in the process that they forget about their most important journey: parenthood.

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of surrogacy, but as an intended parent, it is extremely important to think about your plans for the arrival of your baby. The following are some helpful tips:

1. Get reading.
A Quick History of Surrogates

Countless pages both online and offline are dedicated to the subject of newborn care and parenting. This information can get overwhelming, but it may just be smart to read one or two from time to time help you set expectations becoming know what to expect when parenting your newborn.
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2. Take parenting classes.

Get in touch with your local school district, county family services, pediatrician or hospital and ask about parenting classes and other resources that could be helpful to you. They can offer advice regarding preparing for the arrival of your baby, and also on services that you will need from that time on.

3. Be ready for change.

At least for the first few months or even years after your baby’s arrival, your life may only circle around your little one. Get ready for midnight feedings and a not so liberal social schedule, and talk about childcare roles, expectations and responsibilities with other household members in advance.

4. Start gathering baby essentials.

, and start decorating your nursery. This step is absolutely necessary in terms of physical preparation, but at the same time, it also helps you ease into the mindset of a parent.

5. Have a support network.

Parenthood can be daunting, but friends and family usually know that. Don’t hesitate to accept help and build a support system that will be there for you when your baby arrives.

6. Relax.

You likely have an idea how you want to parent your child, but make sure you are flexible enough to go with the flow. There are times when some things don’t go as intended, even if we only intended for the best for our child, and that is okay. Learn to let go.

7. Enjoy your new life!

You may not experience the pregnancy yourself, but you do have the entire nine months (or so) to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and even physically for your new life with your baby. Be as involved as possible through the course of your surrogate’s pregnancy, enroll in registries and by all means, have a baby shower – who says you can’t? It’s only the pregnancy that isn’t yours, but the child is.